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While Frank Sinatra sings Stormy Weather The flies & spiders get along together [entries|friends|calendar]

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[26 Jan 2005|04:02pm]
whats everyone doing this 3 dayt weekend?
and, what about the background, yes or no?
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winter break [05 Jan 2005|09:56am]
[ mood | i got less that 5 hrs of sleep ]

sorry i havent updated this in a long time (not that anyone looks at it besides Schneider)

So anyway.... whats everyone doing over winter break?

Im going to a 4 day seminar called insight, which is going to be AMAZING.... i really need it (lol scout)... from what i understand helps you to gain more self confidence and strives to give you a more enthusiatic understanding of life. also i am going to meet all kinds of new people that i have heard so much about. though that might not 100% sure on what exactly i am going to do... i have heard so many amazing things about it and am so excited to go thur.


Edit 1: new background...yes or no? comment bitches

Edit2: well i didnt go to inight cuz im a lozerr but ONLY ONE MORE FINAL LEFT... whats everyone doing friday?

[info]green tea is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
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[21 Jun 2004|06:10pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

school is finally out!
no more nechelle!
no more david lebson!
no more susan schectman!
just hanging with friends (scout) and finally going to new york con elliot!
new layout?
comment moo-heads!

P.S. go see napoleon dynamite its AMAZING

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[12 Jun 2004|11:41pm]
oops... i made 2 of the last entry...w/e

i_h8_ericwalter's Word Usage
1. you (106) 26. so (16) 51. know (7) 76. person (5)
2. i (89) 27. am (14) 52. its (7) 77. auri (5)
3. the (67) 28. be (14) 53. time (7) 78. color (5)
4. do (59) 29. for (14) 54. want (7) 79. much (5)
5. a (53) 30. that (13) 55. if (7) 80. take (5)
6. and (40) 31. was (12) 56. im (7) 81. off (5)
7. have (32) 32. would (12) 57. by (6) 82. can (5)
8. to (31) 33. but (12) 58. most (6) 83. omg (5)
9. of (27) 34. comment (11) 59. thing (6) 84. fucking (5)
10. in (27) 35. think (11) 60. michael (6) 85. more (5)
11. my (27) 36. 2 (9) 61. name (6) 86. when (5)
12. is (26) 37. ever (9) 62. ny (6) 87. school (5)
13. or (24) 38. had (9) 63. too (6) 88. way (5)
14. no (23) 39. who (9) 64. yes (6) 89. one (5)
15. your (23) 40. about (9) 65. nechelle (6) 90. now (4)
16. like (21) 41. there (9) 66. anything (5) 91. anyone (4)
17. on (21) 42. me (9) 67. favorite (5) 92. please (4)
18. with (19) 43. from (9) 68. wish (5) 93. all (4)
19. what (19) 44. dont (8) 69. look (5) 94. just (4)
20. it (18) 45. o (8) 70. sex (5) 95. has (4)
21. not (18) 46. many (8) 71. her (5) 96. first (4)
22. lol (18) 47. she (8) 72. been (5) 97. out (4)
23. scout (17) 48. were (8) 73. care (5) 98. lmfao (4)
24. ya (16) 49. how (7) 74. fuck (5) 99. joe (4)
25. are (16) 50. at (7) 75. party (5) 100. love (4)
Word Count by Hutta.
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[10 Jun 2004|04:37pm]
[ mood | excited ]

OMFG! i havent updated this fricken lj in the longest time (not like anyone cares)! today was great though. especially reading ******** my entry from scout (scout u know who i am talking about)

scout: " Michael, i think she understood the whole hostess cupcake thing."

Me: "No she didn't... she's not black!"

lolol scout

i am not racist, you just had to be there

i have some hilarious things written in my yearbook lol.

OMFG YESS!!!!!! 4 more days of helen and nechelle! and then jades party, annas swim party, NY with elliot, taylor, sean (not from school, from NY) for a month, and of course chillin with scout!

O GOD i am excited

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[22 May 2004|01:15pm]

in special studies, jenna had haley's fone.... lol

here are the pics:


 its not what you think it is

 auri trying to give himself a camel toe

there  were more but jenna didnt send me the pic of her and dave... some funny shit (lol)

even though kristin pepe is a biatch, film iand video is pretty cool... our movie is amazing (but i suck)! david and i were luaghing so hard during one of our scenes, we had to leave and let auri shoot.  IT HAS THE FUNNIEST ENDING!  OMG PETERS EATING SHTL!!!! (LMFAO AURI AARON JONATHAN AND DAVID)




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[03 May 2004|06:11pm]

jenna, sorry i stole your "queer eye to beautify" pix... but i didnt have a camera with me... lol..

aaron in a dress


"i'm reading ALLURE!" - jonathan

hott... j/k


amazing pic!!!

I WISH I HAD A CAMERA WITH ME!!! THERE WAS SO MUCH MORE... "it took like five fucking hours hto brush lauren marcus's hair... EEEW" (isabella)


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[28 Apr 2004|05:50pm]
1) kissed your cousin: ya
2) ran away: no
3) broken someone's heart: ya.. LEAH TANDY'S
4) been in love: ...yes
5) cried when someone died: ya
6) broken a bone: no
7) drank alcohol: yup
8) lied: oo c'mon!
9) cried in school: si...

10) coke or pepsi: coke biatch
11) sprite or 7up: SPRITE!!!!!!!!!!!
12) girls or guys: GIRLS!!!
13) flowers or candy: candy..yum!
14) scruff or clean shaven: dont care
15) quiet or loud: LOUDDDDD like me
16) blondes or brunettes: both
17) hot or hot: ay...both
18) tall or short: dont care
19) pants or shorts: pants
20) what do you notice first: face
21) last person you freak danced with: i think scout
22) worst thing to do: b a fucker
23) showered: 2dayi dont want to be stinky like shorty
24) had sex: last night with u...u odnt remeber?
25) had a great time with the opposite sex: EVERY DAY!
26) your good luck charm: i don't have one
27) person you hate the most: i cant say but im guessing ppl no... NECHELLE cough cough
28) the best thing that has happened to you today:i talked to jenni mckenna lol!
29) color: probly orange
30) movie: i lub mobies
31) book: do i look liek sum1 hu reads?
32) subject in school: dunno
33) juice: coffee bean... not a juice but i dont care
34) cars: too many to name
35) ice cream: chocolate chip cookie dough
36) holiday: my birthday
39) music to brood to: if its fast and loud..i like it

40) sit by the phone waiting for a phone call at night: fuck no..do i seem like that?
41) save internet conversations: ya
42) save emails: ya
43) wish you were someone else: nah...i am hu i am
44) wish you were a member of the opposite sex: nope never
45) cried because of someone's mean words: yep
46) chanel: conmedy central... wut else?
47) friend: too many
48) kiss: all were good pretty good
49) romantic memory: LONG STORY! but there has been sum
50) most recent advice given to you: dont change
51) color your hair: nope...all NATURAL
52) have tattooes: ya
53) have piercings: nipple
54) have a boyfriend/girlfriend: not at the moment
55) own a webcam: nope
56) own a thong:LOL.. eew manthongs are digusting
57) ever get off the computer: ya

61) stolen anything: no
62) smoke: FUCK NO
63) schizophrenic: no
64) obsessive: no
65) compulsive:....
66) obsessive compulsive:yup
67) panic: no
68) anxiety: no
69) depressed: no
70) suicidial: never
71) obsessed with hate: thats weird
72) dream of mutliated bodies, blood, and gore: eww who the fuck does that? by the way... LMFAO
73) if you could be anywhere BUT here of course, where would you be?: ny with all my peeps there... TAYLOR!
74) can you do anything freakish with your body: hmmm...thats a ?
75) what facial feature do you find the most attractive: i have no specific...just the whole face
76) would you vote for a woman candidate for president: ya
77) would you marry for money: NOPE
78) have you had braces: ya..i do
79) do you pluck your eyebrows: yep lol
80) do you like hairy backs: oh ya baby its a HUGE turn on
81) could you live without a computer: NEVER
82) do you use ICQ, AOL Buddy list, etc...? AIM
83) if so, how many people are on your lists: 200 (thats all i can have) its sofucked up whenever i wanna add sum1 i gotta take sum1 off!
84) if you could live in any post time period, which would it be? no clu...i mite wanna b a sexy hippy
85) do you drink enough water: i think so... im still alive
86)wear shoes in the house or take them off: both
87) what is your favorite fruit: grape fruit
88) do you eat wheat bread or white: white
89) do you kiss on the first date: haven't gone one one
90) are you photogenic: i dont think so
91) do you dream in color or black and white: color
92) are you wearing fingernail polish: take a lucky guess
93) do you have any dimples: yup
94) do you remember being born: um no
95) why do you take survey's: cuz im bored and pathetic
96) do you drink alcohol: i have
97) what is the best accent: MELANIE JACOBSON
98) who do you want to kiss:
99) do you like sunrises or sunsets the most: sunset
100) do you want to live to be 100?: yes and i want my old sexy wife by my side
101) is a flat stomach important to you: not VERY important but i like it and its hott
102) are you loyal: yes i am
103) are you tolerant of other people's beliefs: uh huh
104) when you watch movies at home, do you like the lights on or off? off
105) do you have nightmares frequently: not frequently
106) do you like your nose: o ya
107) do you think you can draw well: ummmm no
108) at what age did you find out Santa Claus wasn't real? JEWISH PRIDE
109) how many pairs of shoes are in your closet: 10 or 11 lol
110) do you like to wear the same shoes everyday or do you like variety? converse lol
111) do you write poetry: humanities
112) do you snore: naw
113) do you sleep more on your back, front, or sides? side
114) dog/cat? DOOOOGGGGZZZ
115) do you lick stamps: eew very nasty flavor
116) do you use an electric can opener? wtf hahaha
117) have you ridden in a hot air balloon: no
118) which hurts the most, physical or emotional pain: depends..ususally emotional...im so clumsy so im use 2 physical pain
119) favorite TV show: i dont have 1... THE OC!!!, the bachelor, family guy and EVERYTHING on mtv
120) do you know anyone who is clinically depressed: no
121) do you prefer a piano or violin: neither
122) are you a sex addict? ha...
123) do you know someone who has cancer? too many
124) do you like to argue: oh ya!
125) do you hunt: no
126) do you like fast food joints, or expensive restaurants: omg thats hard.. pacific dining car, the ivy VS. in and out and the apple pan
127) would you rather vist a zoo or an art musuem: ZOO!!! hah they smell like crap tho
128) do you have a middle name?: ya... andrew
129) are you basically a happy person: ya basically
130) are you tired?: ya
131) did you drink anything with caffeine in it today?: OHHH YAAA
132) how many phones do you have in your house: about 3phones
133) how long is your hair:too long
134) do you get along with your parents? yes
135) what color of eyes do you prefer: no preference
136) first name: michael
137) were you named after anyone?: nope
138) do you wish on stars?: i did when i was little
139) when did you last cry: dunno
140) if you were making a movie about yourself, what would the title be? i wouldnt
141) do you like your handwriting: fuck no
142) who do you admire and why:dont know
143) what is the #1 priority in your life?: to be the best i can be
144) what is your favorite lunchmeat? eww lunch meat? I WANT MYSTERY MEAT lol
145) any bad habits: O I BITE MY NAILS!!!! (lmfao auri... that wasone of the funnoest moments of my life)
146) what is your most embarrassing CD? i am proud of my taste in music
147) if you were another person, would you be friends with yourself: yes
148) are you a daredevil: YES!!! very much so!!!
149) have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell? ya...im so sry
150) have you ever stolen anything: no...wasnt i already asked that?
151) do looks matter:. im not shallow AT ALL but ya c'mon
152) have you ever misused a word and it sounded absolutely stupid: YESSSS
153) do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: no
154) do fish have feelings: deffinetly..nemo was sad
155) are you trendy? i think
156) how do you release anger? im not sure...yell?
157) Where is your second? wtf???
158) do you trust others easily: kind of
159) what was your favorite toy as a child?: my carz
160) what class in school do you think is totally useless? HUMANITIES!
161) do you like sappy love songs? ha no
162) have you ever been on radio or television: both
163) do you have a journal: that was gay
164) do you use sarcasm a lot: hellz ya
165) have you ever been in another country: MEXICO o yea
166) what do you look for in a girl/guy?: girl. nice...
167) what is/are your nickname? panchjito, white flea... too many to name
168) would you bungee jump?: YES...im so outoging
169) do you untie your shoes when you take them off?:not rilly... i am lazy as hell
170) what are you worried about right now?: im not sure...a lot
171) do you think you are strong: ya..both emotionally and physically
172) what's your least favorite thing in the world: going 2 temple
173) how many wisdom teeth do you have? 2?
174) what would you change about yourself: idk...nothing
175) i need: 2 face my fears
176) i find: a tape to tape the oc
177) i want: a ferrari
178) i have: too much on my mind
179) i wish: nechelle would disapper
180) i love: i lub scout...lol
181) i hate: cant say
182) i miss: NY
183) i fear: smegal from lord of the rings
184) i feel: sick
185) i hear: my fone ringing
186) i smell: paint from mah house
187) i wonder: if oakwood will ever end
188) i regret: nothing

that took forever
PLEASE COMMENT... show me it was not a waste of my time
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[27 Apr 2004|12:24pm]

hahahha i have a DRAGGY!!!

My draggy!
I got my draggy at http://howcute.cjb.net!!!
Get one!

yay... o and i love scout (my wife).. xoxo bye
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[09 Apr 2004|09:49pm]


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samantha [07 Apr 2004|10:22am]
[ mood | tired ]

samantha won average joe 3! omg they made her look so bitchy. she is like the nicest fucking person i know. lol the made her look her look ugly too (she is so HOTTTT)

scout- omg WATER POLO! and scary rats as neighbors... AAAAAAAAAH! its nechelle jewish husband with a moehawk! LMFAO

comment on whatever u please... i dont fucking care

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the OC [25 Mar 2004|08:25pm]
[ mood | exited for SPRING BREAK ]

The OC is amazing! omg i saw it for the first time yesterday and now i am fucking addicted!

Bsides that there is really nothing else, except for the fast that........

                                      SPRING BREAK STARTS TOMORROW!!!!

BUT dave and nechelle just HAD to be assholes and gives us a test and homework on the day b4 spring break!  wtf is wrong with them (lol)!?!?

comment pleaze

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YAY 4 ME! [02 Mar 2004|07:52pm]
[ mood | not really my mood, just funny ]

even though i broke my wrist, angel said that she would still let me try out later for volleyball... i get to play! by the way, comment here and/or write on my cast please!

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Average Joe 2 [01 Mar 2004|11:16pm]
[ mood | yet excited fo AJ 3 ]

the Average Joe Hawaii finale really pissed me off...lol. i mean who the fuck would care about larissa dating fabio except a dumbfuck like gil (gil = assholio x 2). About fabio... how the hell is it such a big and offensive the she went out with him... BY THE WAY WATCH AVERAGE JOE 3...MY CUZ STEPHANIE AND HER (AND NOW MY) FRIEND, SAMANTHA, IS ON IT!!!!!!! MARCH 15th!!!!!!!!!!!! I ALREADY SAW THEM ON THE COMMERCIAL!!! Elliot... please comment! We are obsessed!


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i broke my fucking hand today [27 Feb 2004|11:56pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Instead of going to semi formal, i went to my cuzins skating b-day party... and some kid was skating the wrong way... i couldnt stop, so i fell on my hand and fractured it! now i am stuck in a cast and a sling for the next 2 months, i cannot be on the volleyball team, my tennis lessons will be cancelled and i will have to keep my hand AND arm still for the next 2 months. on top of that, it is in excruciating pain and i have to see an orthopedic surgeon because the ppl at the ER said that i need to have hand surgery! I AM SO FUCKING PISSED!!!


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