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winter break

sorry i havent updated this in a long time (not that anyone looks at it besides Schneider)

So anyway.... whats everyone doing over winter break?

Im going to a 4 day seminar called insight, which is going to be AMAZING.... i really need it (lol scout)... from what i understand helps you to gain more self confidence and strives to give you a more enthusiatic understanding of life. also i am going to meet all kinds of new people that i have heard so much about. though that might not 100% sure on what exactly i am going to do... i have heard so many amazing things about it and am so excited to go thur.


Edit 1: new background...yes or no? comment bitches

Edit2: well i didnt go to inight cuz im a lozerr but ONLY ONE MORE FINAL LEFT... whats everyone doing friday?

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